Wahed is a mobile digital wallet concept, designed to target the millennial Muslim, allowing them to send money and fulfill their obligations as a Muslim.

By partnering with various charities and banks across the region, Wahed allows users to donate money to charities through a simple, fun, and easy to use interface. With Wahed, your customers will be able to send money to peers through common social media contacts. They will have the option to view their current balance in their bank account as well as access a PFM tool specifically designed for the millennial user. The donation piece of the app allows users to fulfill their annual zakat requirements – all of which act as the perfect acquisition engine.


Charitable Donation

Connecting local charities to a platform that enables consumers to make donations to schools, disaster relief funds, hospitals, individuals, and much more. This feature is connected to the users Zakat calculator and the user earns “points” based on his transactions that can be used to send a family to Hajj.

Zakat Calculator

Allows a Muslim user to calculate and manage their Zakat payments for the year.

P2P Social Payments

Enabling simple and fast P2P transactions across channels.

Durse (Lesson)

Providing consumers with lessons such as Hadith of the day, Financial Understanding from a shariah compliant perspective, and Educational Islamic Videos.

Points Calculator

Connected to the Charitable donations and their P2P transfers, the user earns points based on his transactions that can be used to build a local mosque, send a family to Hajj, and much more. With regional and global goals, the points feature of Wahed serves to create a sense of community amongst Millennial Muslims.

Acquire Customers. Improve Cross Selling Opportunities. Engage with the Community.

Key Business Benefits

  • Acquisition Engine
  • Real time insight into user spending – Improve cross selling opportunities
  • Open merchants to a new way of accepting payments
  • More transactions occurring online – Higher levels of usability
  • Higher tiers of community engagement

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