Loan Origination System

Monami Tech’s Loan Origination System ensures effective credit origination. Our systems provide lenders the tools to create and approve credit risk and pricing submissions. Our intuitive modular technology enables policies, processes, and risk appetite to be readily parameterised. Our solution has successfully and rapidly delivered solutions to lenders that range from large multinational banks to smaller sized banks and captive lenders.

Credit Value Maximizer (CVX)

CVX is a unified platform that allows banks to prepare and process credit submissions. Whether banks choose to use all our solution’s capabilities, their own in-house tools, or those supplied by vendors – CVX provides a seamless integration experience across the full range of activities needed in the approval of a deal.


  • Dynamic workflow driven by risk and bank policies
  • Segment-specific templated handled for advanced analysis
  • Complex collateral structures managed across borrowing groups
  • Advanced risk-pricing capabilities driven by organization strategy
  • Highly-parameterizable to readily reflect accurate risk culture
  • Consistent view due to consolidated group and facility structures

Credit Value Maximizer – Retail (CVX-R)

CVX-R is a flexible retail credit origination solution, designed for modern lending practices. It supports highly-specific approval processes and workflows that are configurable and can be driven by risk and / or pricing criteria. It caters to multi-product submissions and encourages cross-sell wherever possible.

Key Advantages

  • Advanced workflow tracking to enable process optimization
  • Improved visibility updating teams – internal or external – on the status of the deals
  • Advanced scoring engines applied via APIs to leading solutions
  • Risk-based pricing forefront for the retail credit industry
  • Efficient processing and document generation

Why Loan Origination System


CVX and CVX-R integrate the functionalities of various stand-alone legacy systems, delivering highly efficient origination processes that lower cost-to-income ratios and deliver faster time-to-market. Visual tools assist customers in productivity analysis and identifying the pain points, thereby ensuring improved application quality and complete information on risk management.

Our applications help give visibility to the cause and effect of transactions on the bank Value tree, by providing aggregate risk-return measures at all levels. For banks that are already on Basel II+ or contemplating Basel II+ standards, CVX and CVX-R satisfy a range of regulatory governance requirements for senior managers through to Boards.

Flexible analytics and reporting

The analytical tools of our integrated platform enable senior management to gain better insight into their portfolio by leveraging consolidated risk and return data. Using a dedicated engine, we enable drill down, detailed segment analysis, and related reporting to drive user-specific comparative insight. Our applications also allow business users to create their own reports.

Measuring Risk

CVX and CVX-R applications enable rating of Risk (Probability of Default or PD) and collateral evaluation (Loss Given Default or LGD) along with other policies for consistent use by front line and credit personnel. They facilitate capabilities such as risk assessment, financial data analysis, projections, and return measure calculations to function as a unified financial database.

Transparency, usability, and speed are the key differentiators of our applications. While it may take months for banks to publish a rating model, CVX and CVX-R accomplish the same within a few minutes!

Optimizing Returns

CVX and CVX-R manage complex risk pricing decisions in an intuitive manner. These applications support multiple risk pricing frameworks, allowing banks to take into account PD, LGD, term, and size (concentration risk) to determine the appropriate fee and margin structures bankers should aim for. The GUI tool facilitates and enhances user experience in the viewing and management of factors involved in making a risk-pricing decision.

Maximize Fee Incomes, Minimize Turn Around Time and Improve Risk Processes

Key Business Benefits

  • Faster turnaround time
  • Lower rework rates
  • Reduced cost-to-income ratio
  • Increased net interest margins and fee income
  • Improved Basel standard risk processes
  • Advanced data and analytic processes
  • Upgraded initiatives by leveraging the existing platform and data

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