Cardwalla is an aggregated electronic voucher delivery system (EVDS), offering seamless integration for the electronic delivery of gift cards and prepaid vouchers in real time. These can be purchased from the websites or mobile app of any of our partners which include banks, retail outlets, ecommerce stores, payment solutions, and wallets. Customers can pay for these gift cards in their local currency, with the convenience of the best price available in their country.

Cardwalla’s EVDS offers the flexibility for customers to purchase any prepaid gift card. This can be consumed at a specific partner or multiple partner locations across our distribution network. This enables partners to capitalize on the reach and purchasing power of a larger network of customers.


  • Real-time Transaction Processing
  • Advanced Integration Capabilities
  • Agent Management and Support
  • Reporting Engine
  • Flexibility to add other services to the platform.

Delivery Channels

Using API integration, partners can offer vouchers to customers through multiple channels. This can include:

  • Digital Channels – Websites, Mobile App, Banking Portals, and Mobile Wallets.
  • POS terminals – Voucher print outs to customers visiting retail outlets where POS terminals are installed
  • ATM – Walk-in customers at ATMs can authenticate and purchase gift cards directly through ATMs
  • Digital Kiosks – Walk-in customers at kiosks can redeem and/or purchase gift cards directly through kiosks at places such as cinemas.
  • Call Center and IVR – Customers can place and authenticate their orders over IVR or through a call center agent and receive their PIN on verified mobile phone number or email address
  • Over the counter – Enable store and bank branch tellers, customers agents to receive payment against customer purchase and PIN issued on customer mobile phone number, or print a voucher.

Why Cardwalla


Voucher products with multiple currencies and denominations


Can be purchased through any bank channel, including call center, ATM’s, agent, mobile banking app, and internet banking platforms


Consumers receive vouchers at just the sale price of the voucher. No hidden charges.


Spend the vouchers to pay for goods and services, purchase apps, games music, entertainment, and digital content.

Expand your Services. Acquire Customers. Maximize Revenue

Key Business Benefits

  • Easy API Integration
  • Supports Omnichannel Distribution
  • Local and International Vouchers
  • Support Multiple Currencies and Denominations
  • Continuously Expanding Distribution Network
  • Localized Pricing and Settlement

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